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7v7 is Broken - American Flag Football is leading the way on off season recruiting

Its not a secret that off season football is not realistic to the actual game. Therefore, the recruiting aspect in these tournaments/camps are not an actual way or form to recruit high school football players.

That is why were creating a new way of 7v7 football that is realistic and safe for our football recruiting, tournaments,showcasing and camps.

Dickinson College football stand out WR Dan Bathon was a D1 level lacrosse player who attests to the fact that off season recruiting especially 7v7 is ran the wrong way.

"7v7 is broken regarding the way it is and how its run. Coaches de-value 7v7 and how it is played. After what I've seen first hand this is a much better product for our recruiting and off-season play. Why have a game that's not realistic? If you look at the main sports played in the country. The off-season game which includes recruiting is played the way its played in the actual season. Today's game does not allow a QB to scramble and a WR to understand the QB is moving to make a play for his QB. Wide receivers needs to adjust. QB's need to feel pressure. Linemen must be involved. The 7v7 style football played right now is not as realistic as it should be.

Our rules consist of the following:

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