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Please carefully read through the following changes: Things have altered slightly starting next week.

  • Only 1 parent per kid at the fields for both games and practices

  • We ask that parents remain in their car(s) during practice. This will limit the number of people gathered on/ around the fields. If you need to get out of your car for whatever reason, you MUST have a mask on.

  • You cannot park on the grass. If there isn’t parking, you must drop your child and come back to pick them up.

  • The resolution FOR LESS PEOPLE AROUND EACH OTHER WILL BE moving to our extra fields. With all the restrictions in place right now we have to move teams to different locations. (ONCE WE GET RUSTIN AND STETSON BACK WE WILL NOT HAVE THIS ISSUE, WE HOPE THAT IS OCTOBER 1ST)



Going forward this is our practice schedule. Only Division 3 TEAMS C,D,E,F WILL CHANGE FIELDS* (Hoopes Park in west Chester) For division 3 at Hoopes park your coaches will email you with the day you will be practicing.

OAKBOURNE PARK - Address: 1014 S Concord Rd, West Chester, PA 19382

TUESDAYS: 5:30-7:00pm


WEDNESDAY: 5:30-7:00pm


  • Division 3 - A, B,

THURSDAY: 5:30 –7:00pm



PRACTICE:  Division 3 – TEAMS C, D,E,F

  • HOOPES PARK: Address: 700 Hoopes Park Ln, West Chester, PA 19380

  • Wednesday - 5:30-7:00pm (UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED BY YOUR COACH)

  • We have the fields Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday. Your individual coach will email you with the day your child’s team will practice. NEXT WEEK I ASK HOOPES PARK TEAMS TO Wednesday.



Oakbourne Park - Address: 1014 S Concord Rd, West Chester, PA 19382

Slight changes to the game times each week; The extra half hour between game times will allow the flow of people going to and from the fields to clear out.

Division 1: 9AM – 10AM

Division 2: 10:30AM- 11:30AM

Division 3: 12PM – 1PM

  • Saturday Games @  Oakbourne Park - 9am Division 1, 10:30am Division 2, 12pm Division 3, 12pm Division 4*

  • Jerseys will be handed out before practice on September 8th and 9th

  • Game 1 will be on Saturday September 12th

  • Game 2 will be on Saturday September 19th

  • Game 3 will be on Saturday September 26th

  • Game 4 will be on Saturday October 3rd

  • Game 5 will be on Saturday October 10th

  • Game 6 will be on Saturday October 17th

  • Game 7 will be on Saturday October 24th

  • Game 8 will be on Saturday October 31st (championship)

  • Oakbourne Park - Oakbourne Park: 1014 South Concord Road, West Chester 19382

  • Divisions by age:

  • 5 - 12 (Divisions are based upon your age on January 1st 2020)

  • Division 1 example: If you are 5 or 6 on January 1st 2020 you are Division 1 - 2014,2013 (a few 2015's)

  • Division 2 example: If you are 7 or 8 on January 1st 2020 you are Division 2 (2012,2011)

  • Division 3: If you are 9 or 10,11 on January 1st 2020 you are Division 3 - 2010,2009,2008

Who we are


West Chester FLAG Football, powered by USA Football, the NFL’s official youth flag football program, offers boys and girls ages 5 - 17 the fun and excitement of fast-paced football in a non-contact environment. Our organization started in 2016 with only 30 kids. We now have over 300 kids in our wonderful organization. Our growth has been unbelievable in the Chester County area as our organization has spread into Kennett,  Unionville, Coatesville and Delaware.

Our Mission

The National NFL Flag Football program, which was launched over 20 years ago, is designed to educate young people about football, while emphasizing participation and sportsmanship.  The program is very popular in the Unites States and has been very successful in many locations.  Our goal is to give local West Chester and surrounding area players a competitive and fun-filled NFL Flag Football experience.  

Participants will be coached to develop their skills in passing, catching, ball carrying, defensive coverages, and route running. We will also cover other important aspects of the game of football.  The time commitment of this league is limited (2.5 hours a week minimum - 1.5 for practice during week, 1 for game on weekend).  This time commitment hopefully allows our players to develop critical football skills without interfering with other weekend activities.  The most important thing is that West Chester Flag Football will be fun for everyone involved in the league.

Kids not only have a blast practicing and playing the game, but they learn valuable lessons in sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline and commitment — traits that will follow them throughout every aspect of their lives.

Flag Football History

Flag Football History. The game of American football has been played since the mid-1800's. The first College game occurred between Princeton and Rutgers on November 6th, 1869. Flag football as we know it today was developed on military bases in the early 1940's as a recreational sport for military personal. The game of flag football has been around for as nearly as long as tackle football. As America prepared to enter World War II, troops stationed at military bases needed a way to blow off steam. Since playing traditional football might result in injuries, flag football was developed as a compromise. While Webster does not have the term flag football listed until 1954, the game is believed to have started in the 1940s (with Fort Meade in Maryland as its generally-accepted birthplace).

West Chester Flag Football History

Our Flag Program Started out with 40 kids 7 seasons ago. We have come a long way. In 2019 we were the largest flag program in all of West Chester, PA. We had over 450 kids come through our program last year. We hosted the biggest flag football event in West Chester Flag Football history this past fall season at our annual flag football tournament. We had 5 different states attend our tournament. In 2020 we expect to have well over 500 kids in our organization. We hope to continue to grow in this wonderful area.